Looking for ways to amp up your toes this summer?  If you’re always in search for some cute and creative nail designs for your nails, you’re at the right place. Sandal season is near so there’s no reason not to do some nail art on your toes, right?

From easy and simple to fun and colorful, we’ve collected 30 stunning nail designs for your toes. Take your inspiration from our list and cancel your next appointment to your favorite nail salon. You won’t need their services any more.

1. Pink and Blue Glitter Design

Pink and Blue Glitter Toe Nail Design

Source: pinterest.com

Add a little sparkle to your look with some pink and blue glitter on your toes. In just one stroke, a glitter nail polish will turn every toenail into a master piece. The only bad thing about it? It’s a real pain to remove.

2. Nude Ombre Design

Nude Ombre Toe Nail Design

Source: @ittan912

This simple and elegant toe nail design is perfect for special occasions. Gold details look amazing against the nude ombre background. If you don’t have gold nail jewelry in your nail design kit, you can opt for simple and clean rhinestones.

3. Neon Polka Dots Design

Neon Polka Dots Toe Nail Design

Source: @haruharu_nail

Summer calls for bright, vibrant and fun nail designs as on the fingers and on the toes. A pedicure traditionally means the same color (or nail polish) on each toenail, but that trend slowly becomes boring. Polka dot design is one of the easiest and simplest ways to adorn your toes.

4. White Daisy Design

White Daisy Toe Nail Design

Source: @richenail5

White daises with gold studs create a cute and trendy toe nail design against nude background. All white nails make the design pop even more. Make sure to try to re-create this look because daises are going to be everywhere this season.

5. Pink Floral Design

Pink Floral Toe Nail Design

Source: @aico_1220

Not a fan of daises? Then you’re gonna love this girly flower design. The pink flowers can be done freehand for a casual look or with a dotting tool for a more clean look. Either way, both ways look absolutely stunning.

6. Pink and Orange Design

Pink and Orange Toe Nail Design

Source: @nail.elf

Pink and orange are probably not your ordinary color combination, but unexpectedly they work really well together, right? Amazing! This toe nail design can be done in a variety of ways. Be creative!

7. Cute Pastel Design

Cute Pastel Toe Nail Design

Source: @7_seina_7

How beautiful are these pastel colors? We’re obsessed! Nail accessories like beads, studs and rhinestones will make your toe nails really pop, but don’t get carried away.

8. Pink and Purple Design

Pink and Purple Toe Nail Design

Source: @925tomochin

Pair a hot pink with a gorgeous purple for an ultimate girly design. This color combination will never go out of style! If you really want your toe nails to get noticed, this design is for you.

9. Beach Palms Design

Beach Palms Toe Nail Design

Source: @richenail

What is summer without palm trees on our nails, right? Beautiful beach designs on the big toes look like a piece of art. Other toenails should be simple and clean so the design can really pop and make some heads turn.

10. Blue and Yellow Design

Blue and Yellow Toe Nail Design

Source: @hiron_finenail

Colors like blue and yellow are just meant to be worn together. It’s time to forget about boring color combinations and designs! Treat your feet like a canvas and use them to express your creativity.

11. Pink Nails + Pearls

Pink Toe Nails with Pearls

Source: @a_akiko

Pearl nail jewelry will give your feet some certain elegance. This toe nail design isn’t time-consuming since you only have to paint your toenails into two different colors (pink and white) and adorn them with pearl nail jewelry.

12. Orange Nails + Rhinestones

Orange Toe Nails with Rhinestones

Source: @nail.elf

Having nice nails without professional help may seem nearly impossible… but it’s actually possible. You can have a nice pedicure using just one nail polish color and some rhinestones. Simply paint your toenails with an orange nail polish (or any other desired color), let it dry and finish the look by applying few rhinestones on each big toe. There it is, your glamorous pedicure is ready for some peep toe heels or sandals!

13. Red Hearts + Negative Space Design

Red Toe Nail Design with Hearts

Source: @richenail

Yes, you can rock heart nail design even if it’s summer time and Valentine’s day was long time ago. This design would look great in some other colors as well. Negative space makes the heart design even more compelling.

14. Colorful Mermaid Design

Colorful Mermaid Toe Nail Design

Source: @925tomochin

Who doesn’t love bright and eye-catching colors after a cold and dark winter? It’s time to bring out colorful nail polishes from the bottom of a drawer.

15. Red & White Cherry Design

Red & White Cherry Toe Nail Design

Source: @beeqnails

Invest in some nail wraps and you’ll have no problems re-creating this super cute design. What could be easier than that? Most nail wraps can last up to a month on toes, especially if you finish the look with a gel top coat.

16. Pink & Yellow Flower Design

Pink & Yellow Flower Toe Nail Design

Source: @hanaco0414

Flowers and pastel colors are universal sign of spring. White flowers can be easily created using a small dotting tool. If you don’t have gold studs on hand, you can use yellow or gold polish. This pink and yellow color combination will make your toenails look like candies!

17. Orange Nails + White Flower Design

Orange Toe Nails with Flowers

Source: @cherilyn79

As you can see, adding a single flower can really make a huge difference. Flowers and rhinestones are always a good choice for nail decoration. Easy and good-looking – can’t beat that, right?

18. Sea and Sand Design

Sea and Sand Toe Nail Design

Source: @hc_angie_nail

Don’t let summer pass without trying this beach-inspired toe nail design! The gradient effect on the big toe can be easily done using a sponge. Silver seashell and star studs make this beach nail design even more interesting.

19. Pink and White Stripes Design

Pink and White Stripes Toe Nail Design

Source: @kumilatte

This lovely striped toe nail design is very simple to create. You just need a light pink and white nail polish, and some tape. Striped nail art is quick, easy and looks jaw-dropping. Everyone can do it!

20. Neon Nails + Gold Details

Neon Toe Nails

Source: @mikarin_1231

If you’re a sucker for bright colors, this lovely design is for you. Get creative with how you use your gold details on your toenails. You can put them on each toenail or just on the big toes. Whatever design suits you the best.

21. Blue & Gold Design

Blue & Gold Toe Nail Design

Source: @minami325b

When in doubt what color combination to use for your pedicure, always opt for blue, white and gold combo. White and gold nails will stand out against a bronzed complexion.

22. Pink & Orange Nails + Gold Details

Pink & Orange Toe Nails with Gold Details

Source: @mika.mahalo

Add a touch of glam to your pedicure with gold sequins and rhinestones. Go for this summery look if you want to stand out from the crowd.

23. Purple Glitter Design

Purple Glitter Toe Nail Design

Source: @richenail

It’s important to always have tidy and pretty nails so the nail design can truly stand out. This nail design is perfect for beginners. Will you give it a try?

24. Simple Turquoise Nails + Silver Glitter

Simple Turquoise Toe Nails with Silver Glitter

Source: tumblr.com

Looking for an easy-to-create nail design for your toes? We got your back. Use a vibrant polish color and simply apply just one stroke of a silver glitter nail polish on your big toes. Voila here’s your easy but eye-catching toe nail design.

25. White & Gold Borderline Design

White & Gold Borderline Toe Nail Design

Source: @richenail

For days when you bolder than others, we recommend this borderline toe nail design. Be different and unique!

26. Pink Nails + Colorful Rhinestones Design

Pink Toe Nail Design

Source: @satokojo

Colorful rhinestones are one of the easiest ways to add some bling bling to your toenails. Summer is just around the corner so it’s time get your toes ready!

27. Pastel Beach Design

Pastel Beach Toe Nail Design

Source: @xxyayoxx

For those who love pastel colors, here’s another cute toe nail design. These colors are a very stylish way to decorate your nails, especially if you match them with some gold studs, rhinestones and sequins.

28. Gold Seashell Design

This nail design is perfect for our ladies who don’t have time to visit a nail salon. The design is super simple and easy to do. Think about all that time and money you’ll be saving if you decide to do your nails alone.

29. Pink, Orange and Gold Design

It’s seems that this season is all about the pink and orange color combination. Recently, we’ve seen it everywhere from runways to red carpets. Either way, you must admit that this color combo is absolutely stunning. Gold details are an easy way to accent the colors.

30. Colorful Glitter Design

Don’t have rhinestones at hand but you want to add some bling bling to your nails? No worries, glitter nail polish can give you desired bling in just one stroke.

31. Pink and Blue Tribal Design

We are used to see tribal nail designs in fierce and bold colors but this design proves that you can rock wild patterns in pastel colors, too.